Rack Light Night

My equipment is always maintained and upgraded to ensure a reliable, state of the art, uniform system. My music library is all MP3, and with todays technology, I will be able to download any last minute requests of tracks I may not have. As always, it is important for me to present a professional appearance as well as supply a quality sounding music system to provide the best possible listening and dancing experience for you and your guests.


* 2 x JBL PRX715XLF Subwoofers with built in Power Amps(1500w ea.)
* 4 x JBL PRX612m Powered Main Speakers with built in Power Amps (1000W EA.)
* 1 x Audio-Technica UHF Wireless Handheld Microphone System
* 1 x Audio-Technica UHF wireless headset microphone system
* 1 x EV N/D767a Dynamic Supercardioid Microphone
* 2 x Lenovo Laptop Systems
* 2 x VDJ PRO proprietary software programs
* 1 x Denon DN-MC6000 Controller
* 1 x Power Conditioner
* 1 x Custom Designed Rack System for a professional, finished look
* 1 x Enhanced DMX512 Light Show ALWAYS free of charge
* And other misc equipment not listed

—-CEREMONY SYSTEM: •(This is a completely independent system from my main system)—-

* Audio-Technica UHF Wireless Handheld Microphone System
* Audio-Technica UHF Wireless Lavalier (Lapel) Microphone System
* JBL PRX612m Powered Speakers
* Peavey 4-channel mixing board
* Custom Case with stand